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growth gaming

always on strategy& campaign management

workshop growth consulting

Workshops &Team training

user acquisition audit

Growth profitabilityAudits

user acquisition management campaign

always on strategy& campaign management

Working with studios on an always-on basis, drafting growth strategies & implementing them by setting up, running and optimizing all campaigns.

Optimization & advising process involves the full growth funnel, including helping studios set up a robust creative process & an effective ASO strategy & testing plan.

We can either take over the UA operations for one game or specific channels only, based on the different needs each studio has. 

workshop training ua

Workshops &Team training

Running different tailored workshops either on specific growth topics such as creative process or to educate internal C-level teams on gaming growth. Also run workshops for different industry bodies such as VC funds to educate & build working knowledge on UA.

Training user acquisition managers on all growth aspects, including how to strategize, how to run all types of campaigns operationally and also how to analyze data performance & optimize campaigns.

Conducting detailed audits on a game's growth activity for any relevant purposes: 

growth audit

Growth profitabilityAudits

1. Helping improve UA performance: Through data analysis, campaign setup check and behavioral monitoring, we evaluate room for improvement on strategy & operational tactics and come up with actionable recommendations for a specific UA channel or all of the UA activity as a whole to improve its' efficiency & effectiveness and maximize profitability.

2. Evaluating a game's profitability for investment purposes: Deep dive into a game's UA activity & data, in order to evaluate it's profitability and whether it's a good potential investment for studio or VC/Investment fund. The goal of the audit is to give a positive or negative signal regarding moving forward with an acquisition or investment.

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